Emmanuel Bible Church


 Pastor Steve Faulkner
"Emmanuel Bible Church exists
to bring glory to God by building
up the
body of Christ one person
and family at a time so that we can
serve Him well and reach our world
for Jesus Christ.


Lifetouch will be creating a new
Church Pictoral Directory.
We ask all Emmanuel attenders 
to participate so the directory
can be as compete as possible.

 To ensure this, we are asking all
Families and Individuals to book
a sitting appointment to have your
photos taken sometime from 
Tues. June 3rd. - Sat. June 7th.
Book online

Click onto the above link
to schedule you photo time.
Photo scheduling will also be done at
the church on Sunday May 4th
by Mike & Lorna Kekes.
Thank you, see you there.






































Emmanuel Bible Church